Past Champions

Below is a list of the champions we’ve produced over the years here at Fight Rite gym.

Damien Thornton

South Pacific Champion
Multiple Australian Champion

Without a doubt my favourite fighter, constantly the underdog taking fights and titles at the last minute and somehow in the last round he would knock his opponent out.

I was would say in the last break “I think we are winning but we won’t get the decision” He would then knock them out.

Greg Foley

Amateur & Professional
World Champion

So many victories. Defeated some great fighters and went the distance with John Wayne Parr, even dropped him and rocked him (greatest moment of my life as a trainer).

Fought in Japan and Turkey.

Kyoung Jung Yu

aka Jack Yu

Korean Muay Thai Champion

Over 50 fights with 12 in Thailand. My first student to fight for a World Title.

He fought Baris Nezif for a World Kickboxing Title, which we lost.

Greg Foley later went on to fight Baris and win.

Jamie Bonner

Australian Champ
Multiple State Champ


Luke Miller

NSW & Eastcoast Champion Mid 90’s

One of my all-time favourite fighters. So many battles this young man faced.

Mark Payne

NSW State Welterweight Champion


Matt Kelly

WKA Australian Champion
WKA State Champion

Matt Wilkins

NSW Lightweight Champion Early to mid 90’s

Had a great left hook.


Moey Dahlan

Current Fighter

South Pacific Champion
Multiple Australian Champion

13 Fights
11 Wins
1 Draw
1 Loss
5 Stoppages

Reinhardt Badato

Australian Champion
Went on to win Amateur World Title

Was an exciting and passionate fighter. Started his own gym Full Force with his Brothers Von and Michael.


Richard Liszikam

State Muay Thai Champion


Sandy Furner

WKA South Pacific Champion
Multiple Australian Titles
Multiple State Titles

My only lady champion fighter.


Jason Lapin

My first champion
Now a World Champion Trainer Himself

Owner of Zoo Fitness in Penrith


Tyran Moroney

My First amateur Boxing State Champion


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